Product Overview

This is a QT FLO kit.  It features a D size (1.5" OD and 1.36" ID) 7-1/2" titanium tube with a machined in spacer.  Side "A" is machined to a 1-3/8" x 24 thread.  Side "B" is threaded in 1-7/16 x20 which is standard D thread.

The kit comes with:

(2) 17-4 HT SS cups

(5) 6-4 titanium cups

(1) 6-4 titanium end cap cup

You may add a direct thread adapter onto this kit.

The supplied end cap takes a 1/2" allen key to tighten and does not have a shoulder - (this offers adjustability .06" each way)

Note: This kit does not require any shimming or tuning of any kind.  It's truly plug and play.


Our products are sold as a storage component and nothing else.
We do not support and will not support modifications to our products.